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As you are aware, the school places great value on collaboration and working with other schools on a variety of levels.  The main reasons are listed below:

  • by reducing costs and sharing expertise it increases our capacity to offer pupils a wider variety of learning opportunities, often with other pupils;
  • allows staff to share expertise/work alongside colleagues on the same subject/pupil age group;
  • provides development opportunities for our own staff and governors through the leading of activities or training;
  • it may present opportunities for financial saving through purchasing power or through economy of scale.

A summary of the main collaborations and partnerships in which we are involved is summarised in the following paragraphs.


Devizes School Cluster

Members : All Cannings CE Primary School, Bishops Cannings CE VA Primary School, Chirton CE Primary School, Nursteed School, Rowde*, Southbroom St James#, Southbroom Infants, St Joseph's RC School**, Trinity#, Wansdyke*, Devizes Secondary School*.

* = stand-alone academy, ** = Bristol Diocese (Catholic) Academy Chain, # DSAT Academy Chain (Diocese of Salisbury)

The Head Teachers meet 6 times a year at different school each time.  The focus is on sharing knowledge and expertise, presenting a united front to issues that can affect all schools, strategic thinking and supporting pupils and staff through joint activities.  We also plan an 'Away-Day' once a year where we often visit other schools as part of a more in-depth focus on one area.  Previous examples have included Pupil Premium and Vulnerable Learners, Creativity, Assessment and developing the cluster group.  Different subject leaders meet two or three times a year and some of these result in activities for pupils.  We also have a SBM Group and there have also been TA and Governor meetings - but there is potential to develop these further.


ABC Partnership

Members : All Cannings CE Primary School, Bishops Cannings CE VA Primary School, Chirton CE Primary School

The schools involved are all church schools under the umbrella of the Salisbury Diocese.  We collectively purchase credits from them (therefore at a discounted rate) which allows us to work together and buy in support which focuses on developing Christian distinctiveness, RE and collective worship.  Margaret Pearson, a recently retired headteaher, is our link person.  We have held joint staff meetings on spirituality, collective worship and reflection as well as looking at preparing for SIAMS inspections.



Soft Federation

Members : All Cannings CE Primary School, Chirton CE Primary School

Set up initially when Chirton were in an uncertain position with only 19 pupils on role, the schools now work closely together.  There is a good level of sharing of resources across the two schools, now with greater parity.  The Head Teacher and Intervention Manager work over at Chirton and teaching assistants and other staff have also worked at both schools.  When this happens, the two schools invoice each other.  Shared expertise and subject leadership continues to be developed, allowing us to develop new initiatives such as Forest Schools and to try and reduce staff workload/raise standards by allowing staff to focus on fewer subject areas.  There are regular joint staff meetings and staff teaching the same age groups can plan, moderate and share resources together.  Each term there are a variety of pupil activities which would not necessarily happen if we were individual schools.  Governors are also able to work together to develop individual and collective strengths.



devizes school


Other schools we have links with

Wansdyke - following on from the headteacher secondment three years ago, we have had a number of useful joint staff meetings and have also used their expertise in SEND.

Meridian - a school in Greenwich, London, the link was initially set up through our then SIA - Sue Reid.  Staff and School Council visited to start links with an inner-city school, various distance learning projects took place and access to a very different Local Authority proved helpful as we looked to develop our teaching of Level 6 Numeracy a few years ago.  More recently, there has been a resurgence in the link as we have had pupils visit each school and stay over, which provided all involved with some excellent first-hand learning opportunities.

Tours - through an opportunity for staff to work with teachers from France, we have developed a link with one school in particular.  This has been further developed, initially to include skyping and letters and then a biannual exchange.  We are about to set off on our third in 2016.  This gives our primary pupils a very rare opportunity to practice and contextualise the French they learn at school.

Devizes and Lavington Secondary Schools - with pupils from All Cannings going to various secondary schools, outreach takes place from Pewsey, Stonar and Dauntseys.  But the majority comes from these two schools, where the majuority of our pupils move on to.  This is predominantly done in two ways.  The first is through enrichment activities, particularly aimed at Year 5/6 pupils.  All understand that part of the agenda is to attract future students, however it does allow us to use facilities and expertise we do not have.  Examples include World News Day, Science Weeik, AGAT days for Maths, DT, photography as well as Remembrance Day services and an A level DT project which resulted in an outdoor reading seat for EYFS2.  The other main way is through the sports partnerships we have with both.  We use part of our sports premium funding to buy into a PE traded service.  For this we have staff coming out and working each week with a member of staff and their class to improve our teachers' skills and confidence; various competitions organised for a range of ages and abilities; whole staff INSET activities; access to teaching resources for both planning and delivery; curriculum festivals throughout the year for all ages.  We have also used this to develop our own sports leaders who work at promoting and supporting PE in school.