Class 2


This year Class 2 is a mixed Year 1 and Year 2 class.  The children learn in a stimulating and supportive environment, with English and Maths taught every day.  Knowledge is consolidated through a combination of creative, challenging and engaging activities that are differentiated to meet the children's individual abilities.  Reading is crucial to all subject areas, and the children are heard to read both individually and in groups, with reading books changed throughout the week.

Other core and curriculum subjects are taught through well-structured topics, ensuring the children develop scientific, geographical and historical skills.  In addition, the children are given a task each term to investigate which is linked to their topic.  In this way, the children are able to explore an area of the topic that particularly interests them and carry out in-depth research.  The children also learn how to synthesise the information they have acquired, and present it in a lively and imaginative format.  Examples of this type of task include the history of flight and materials in the world around us.  During our topic on plants, the children were asked to design a garden for the Chelsea Flower Show competition.

Throughout the year the children are assessed in their progress in English and Maths.  This takes the form of on-going teacher assessment and more formal tests twice a year.  Teachers meet with parents formally once a year.  However, the parents are always very welcome to speak to the class teacher shoudl they have any anxieties or queries.  A full report on the children's progress is provided during term four.

Activities to develop the children's artistic, musical and drama talents are carefully planned, and wherever possible, the curriculum is enhanced with a trip or a visit from an expert in their field.  All Key Stage 1 children participate in a Nativity Play and the Year 2 children learn to play the recorder and read music.

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