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Visit by author Anthony Ridgway - May 2017

dsc 0016 dsc 0017 On 17th May, Hampshire author, Anthony Ridgway, joined us to talk about his new book Wizzy the Animal Whisperer which was launched in January this year.  Despite his disabilities Anthony has written eight books as well as a number of poems.  Wizzy the Animal Whisperer is his first book to be published and Anthony's mum read some of the story to us.  Anthony answered lots of questions from the children about his inspiration for writing and they suggested ideas for future adventures for Wizzy.

Spring Music Concert - April 2017

csc 0010 dsc 0004 dsc 0032 Our Spring Concert showcased a weath of talent and musical genres including the Junior Choir, the School Rock Band as well as piano, guitar, keyboard and woodwind solists.

Debi Evans visit - February 2017

dsc 0004 At the end of February the school was treated to a visit from local author Debi Evans, co-writer of the 'Secret Society of Dragons' series.  Debi spoke about how she generates ideas and the writing process.  Following a question and answer session, she had a discussion with two small groups of KS2 readers and writers, hearing about their own reading and writing experiences and passed on some tips.  

Nativity - December 2016

csc 0403 dsc 0197 This year our nativity production was 'Born in a Barn' which told the story of the birth of Jesus from the point of view of the animals in the stable - from the donkey to the cockerel, the mice, the cat and the owl, all the children performed and sang with enthusiasm and confidence.
dsc 0212 dsc 0288

Year 3/4 Choir Performances - December 2016

dsc 0021 p1030464 wish tree event 2 Our Lower Key Stage 2 choir was formed in October and all of the children in Years 3 and 4 have worked hard to learn a varied repertoire to perform at a number of events.  Their debut performance was at the Chirton Wish Tree Event.  This was followed by performances at the Christmas Fayre and Avonmead Care Home in Devizes.  The Christmas festivities culminated in carol singing around All Cannings accompanied by a charity collection for Wiltshire Air Ambulance.

Poetry Recital - November 2016

poetry1 poetry2 Once again a large number of pupils participated in our annual poetry recital competition.  There were three age categories and entrants had the choice of three or four poems.  Participants recited their poem to a panel of judges and their classmates, overcoming their nervousness and stage fright.  This year almost half our pupils took part.  Our congratulations to Felix who was the overall winner.

Tour of Houses of Parliament - Class 5

parliament1 parliament2 As part of our democracy studies and following local visits from our Parish Council, mayor and local MP, representatives from All Cannings and Chirton had a very special day in London.  As well as a tour of the Houses of Parliament we learnt about the history of the building and the changes of power over the years.  Our walking tour visited Downing Street, Horseguards Parade, Trafalgar Square and then up to Pall Mall and St James' Park.
parliament3 parliament4

Rio Week - 12th July 2016

dsc 0030 dsc 0077 Our Rio Week was a wonderful finale to the year.  The whole school took part in a range of sporting activities and competitions along with eight other cluster schools.  The sports included swimming, volleyball, archery, judo, gymnastics, water polo, orienteering, sailing, shooting, canoeing, bowls and beach volleyball.  The water culminated in an athletics event and closing ceremony in Devizes.
dsc 0201 csc 0456

MFL Day - 4th July 2016

mfl day

On Tuesday 4th July a group of Year 3s, 4s and 5s went to Trinity School for a Modern Foreign Languages day to listen to other schools tell the story "Greedy Jack" in different languages.  At first we sang "If you're happy and you know it" in French.

We retold the story in Irish.  In Irish Greedy Jack is Shawn Sontack.  We all brought packed lunches with food from different countries which was really interesting.  We then read some Latin and linked some of the words to French and English words!  At the end all the teachers said "Goodbye" in different languages.

It was a great day.  We definitely want to do it again!

Written by Petra, Libby, Serena, James, Immy, Alex and Samuel

Kizzy - our new school dog - May 2016

school dog In May we welcomed our new school dog, Kizzy.  The School Council carried out research last year and visited another school.  Kizzy was born at the end of January and she is a mini double doodle - about the size of a small Springer Spaniel.  She came into school for the first time in April, meeting each class and completing the day with an appearance at Golden Worship where she also met some of our parents.

Music Concert - December 2015


In our final week before Christmas almost half the children in the school took part in our music concert, kindly organised once again by Mrs Deadman.  Children of all ages performed on a range of instruments including keyboard, guitar, clarinet and drums.  In addition, there were performances by the school choir, the Year 2 recorder club, the newly formed Year 2/3 choir as well as one or two members of staff on the flute and saxophone.

Reflective Area - September 2015

For several months Mrs Pender has been working with a keen group of parent volunteers to transform our old wildlife garden into a new reflective area.  The area was officially opened and blessed by Reverend Beth Brown at the end of September.  A group of Year 5 pupils are Wardens for the area and help to ensure it is used properly and kept tidy.  Our thanks go to local companies who helped out with materials (Gaigers and Hills) and to the parents who contributed financially or with manpower (planting, clearing and helping to lay the path and erect the summer house).  We would also like to thank the parents of our Year 6 leavers who bought the water feature.

reflective2 reflective4 reflective5 reflective7
reflective1 reflective6 reflective8

Theme Week

The focus of this year's Theme Week was religions around the world.  This gave us a chance to broaden our knowledge and understanding of different religions, thus deepening our empathy of people from different faiths and cultures.  Once again run by our amazing teaching assistants and co-ordinated by Mrs Draisey, the week gave us a chance to compare places of worship, special ceremonies and people of importance through visits, activities and visitors.  We were able to share much of what we'd learnt at a special Golden Worship at the end of the week.

dsc 0690 dsc 0680


Sports Day 2015

Lots of parents, friends and family came along to watch another successful sports day.  With the weather almost perfect there were lots of great performances and memorable moments but the day will perhaps be best remembered for the pupils' victory over the parents in the relay race.  For the third year in a row Water collected the winner's shield.  Can anyone beat them next year?


dsc 0633 dsc 0636 dsc 0638 dsc 0650 dsc 0657
dsc 0662 dsc 0667 dsc 0670 dsc 0672 dsc 0673
dsc 0675 dsc 0678 dsc 0683 dsc 0684 dsc 0689
dsc 0691 dsc 0693 dsc 0696 dsc 0698 dsc 0705
dsc 9420 dsc 9525 dsc 9537 dsc 9538 dsc 9543
dsc 9546 dsc 9568 dsc 9600 dsc 9609

 Class 3 - Forest School

class3forest1 class3forest2class3forest3 class3forest4 class3forest5
Class 3 spent three adventurous days in the woods.  The children cracked secret codes using Morse code and semaphore and learnt how to tie a variety of knots.    They applied their compass skills to discover buried jewels which once belonged to a French lady called Madame Martineau who resided in All Cannings.  The Famouse Five had tried, in vain, to solve the mystery of her hidden jewellery back in 1959.  Class 3 successfully solved the mystery and were rewarded with lashings of ginger beer and cake!

Class 1 - Forest School - penultimate visit

11aforest 12aforest 13aforest Class 1's penultimate visit to the Forest School saw them focussing on what they could hear, smell and touch.  Andy Hawley (Beth's dad) brought some specialist equipment which allowed the children to listen to, and identify, birdsong.


Class 1 - 'Gymtastic'

gym1 gym2 gym4 gym6 On Wednesday 22nd April, Class 1 attended a 'Gymtastic' afternoon at Devizes School.  Over the course of the afternoon, they took part in sessions led by Devizes School staff and representatives from the Wiltshire School of Gymnastics, which focussed on travelling, balancing, rolling and jumping.  The children learned lots of new skiills and techniques and were also able to watch a fantastic display by the Devizes School gymnastics team.


Class 1 - Woodborough Garden Centre

wgc1 wgc2 wgc3 wgc4 On Monday 20th April Class 1 visited Woodborough Garden Centre.  As our science focus this term is plants and growth, we decided to set up a garden centre and cafe for our role play areas, so we were on a fact finding mission to look at the service they provide and the types of items on sale.  We came back with a long list of ideas and lots of seeds to plant!
lambs1 lambs2 lambs3 lambs4 On our way back from the Garden Centre, we stopped at Freddy's house to see some newly born lambs.

Class 1 - Forest School - Session 5

7forest 8forest 8forest 10forest We listened to the story of Goldilocks and then worked in groups to build smkall, medium and large beds and chairs:  We were very resourceful, finding natural materials and using our measuring skills to make sure that the size comparison was correct.  It was too hot to light a fire but we ate the pizzas that we had made in school the day before.

Classes 1 and 2 - Search and Rescue

dsc 0410 dsc 0442 dsc 0403 dsc 0430

On Wednesday 11th March, Classes 1 and 2 were visited by volunteers from Wiltshire Search and Rescue.  The session was both informative and interactive with pupils (and a teacher!) having a go at wearing life jackets and helmets; throwing a rescue line; map reading; bandaging and rescuing casualties and sheltering in emergency tents.  A huge thank you to Gail Leaman and Brian Tiernan for sharing their time and expertise.  The children came away with new skills and an understanding of the vital services the organisation provides.

Class 1 - Forest School

2forest 3forest 4forest 5forest 6forest
We played team games when we first arrived in the forest. We made mud creatures We made our very own seesaw. Mrs Pender popped popcorn over the fire. Arthur loved 'yarn bombing'


forest1 forest3 forest4 On Tuesday 3rd March Class 1 went to our All Cannings Forest School for the first in a series of seven sessions.  The day was spent familiarising ourselves with the way sessions run;  how to keep safe;  exploring and thinking about the direction we'd like our learning to take in future weeks.  The day was hugely successful and we were so proud of our pupils.


Jack and Maddie Cookery School

cookery1 cookery2 cookery3
Gretchen Winter from the Jack and Maddie Cookery School is running a 20 week cookery school for a lucky group of Year 5 and 6 children.  Each week the children learn a new set of kitchen skills which they are then able to put into practice.  So far we have perfected our knife skills on preparing vegetables.  We tried some vegetable recognition, learning about the difference between root and stalk vegetables, and how they can be cooked.  In the photos above we are writing a review of our cheese sauce.  In future weeks we will have a chance to visit the local market and the supermarket and we will be learning about cuts of beef and preparing a tomato pasta sauce.  The course will culminate in a pop-up restaurant where all the skills we have  learnt will be put into action in preparing a meal for our chosen guests.
dsc 0725 dsc 0731 On 13th April our group visited Morrisons in Devizes to meet the butcher and the fishmonger.  We learnt about the different cuts of meat and watched the butcher prepare a leg of lamb as well as making some home-made beef burgers.
dsc 0734 dsc 0735 The fishmonger showed us the different families of fish, the flat fish, the oily fish and then filleted and prepared a salmon for sale.
dsc 0855 dsc 0857

On 2nd June we visited Pizza Express to learn about marketing and branding in readiness for preparing our own restaurant name and log.  This year Pizza Express is celebrating its 50th Year and the Manager talked to us about the importance of consistent standards across each of the company's outlets from the way the pizzas are prepared through to laying the tables, displaying the wine bottles and even cleaning the tables and keeping their child guests entertained.  She illustrated this by serving different plates of dough balls - ranging from a well prepared plate with exactly the right proportions of ingredients and quantity of butter compared with plates where the dough balls were arranged haphazardly or were of uneven size. She also showed us the different versions of uniform worn by the various types of staff.  Everything we saw was based on a black and white striped theme.

dsc 0859 dsc 0860

Music for Schools demonstration

alan mfsf esme natasha
On 4th February Mr Alan Summers from the Music for Schools Foundation demonstrated a range of woodwind and brass instruments for the whole school and a few lucky children had a chance to try them out.  Music for Schools currently offer lessons on a Tuesday morning in clarinet, cornet, flute, trumpet and saxophone.  Further information is available under the Our Learning section - Music lessons.

A Royal Ball - Class 1

ball1 ball2 ball3 ball4
On Thursday 29th January Class 1 held a Royal Ball.  We created invitations, learnt dances and baked cakes for our special visitors.  We also dressed up for the occasion as knights, soldiers and princesses.  A great time was had by all and we were even able to teach our guests one of the dances.

County Football Finals - 21st January

football101 football118 football120 football121
Both our boys and girls teams qualified for the County Finals this year which took place at Stanley Park in Chippenham.  It was a real challenge playing against teams from all over Wiltshire and Swindon and both teams did well;  the boys didn't lose a game and the girls improved game on game as they turned losses into draws then wins in their group games.  Both teams finished third, narrowly missing out on the finals and medals, but this and the damp weather didn't take anything away from a very positive and enjoyable day.

 A Knight's Visit - Classes 1 and 2

knight2 knight2 knight3 knight4 knight5 knight6
On Monday 26th January a knight came to school to visit Classes 1 and 2 and our friends from Avon class at Chirton.  He showed us how to put armour on (Reuben was an excellent model!) and helped us to hold a sword and shield and charge into battle.  We also learnt a dance called 'The Washing Dance' and found out all about how to become a knight.  As you can see, great fun was had by all and there was lots of new learning to extend our understanding of castles and knights.

Class 1 in the snow

snow1 We found lots of animal tracks.  This one confused us a little but as nature detectives we decided that the line behind the footprints was probably made by the bird's tail. snow3 ..... until we discovered that Lily's dad had been tricking us!
We were very excited to find out that it had snowed earlier in the week.  Our school looked beautiful - Beth said it looked like there were jewels glistening on the playground. snow2 This huge cat paw print REALLY confused us ........... snow4

Christmas - the last week of term

dsc 0286 dsc 0292 handbells church dsc 0277
On the last week of term the children enjoyed many different activities throughout the week in our celebrations of Christmas.  On Tuesday we were joined by the pupils of Chirton Primary School for a performance of 'Three Little Pigs', given by Storybox Theatre.  On Wednesday we had our Christmas Carol Service, which included the handbell group, followed by lunch.  On Thursday we had a special visitor in school, kindly organised by our enthusiastic PTFA members.  Some of our classes also managed to squeeze in their treat day that week.

Phonics Evening - 19th November 2014

phonics evening

On Wednesday 19th November, we held a 'Phonics Workshop' for Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 parents.  We were delighted with the turnout and feedback from those who attended which suggests that it was highly successful in achieving our objectives of giving parents an insight into how phonics is taught in our daily class sessions and guidance on how they can support their child with applying this learning in reading and spelling at home.

Mrs Kelly delivered a lesson with the help of a group of Class 1 children and Mrs Davies did the same with pupils from her own class.  The children loved showcasing their learning and all parents wre impressed with the children's attitudes, progress and attainment.

KS1 Dance Workshop - 17th September 2014

dsc 0310 dsc 0312 We had a visitor from West End in Schools to run workshops based on 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'.  Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children worked individually and in both small and larger groups to tell the story through dance.  Absolutely everybody joined in and the quality of the final performance was outstanding.

Fencing 'Taster Day' - 16th September 2014

dsc 0293 dsc 0298 On 16th September Marlborough Fencing Club spent the day at school giving all the children in KS2 the opportunity to try out their sword-fighting skills with an introduction to the sport of fencing.  The club run course for juniors and they are keen to welcome new members.  They can be contacted via their website on

 Retirement - 26th September 2014

dsc 0366 At the end of September we said farewell to Barbara Gunnell, one of our dinner ladies.  Barbara has a very long association with the school as a parent, dinner lady and volunteer, running gardening and cross stitch clubs for many years.  Barbara's husband, John, has also been the regular bingo caller for the PTFA.

Superhero Day - 26th September, 2014

dsc 0367 In order to support Air Ambulance Week the whole school were invited to dress up as superheroes for the day.  A total of £110 was raised for Wiltshire Air Ambulance.

 New sports kit - September

dsc 0389 In May some of our staff and parents took part in the Oldbury White Horse Triathlon. Thanks to some fantastic sponsorship from the whole school community, they were able to raise over £700.  This money has been spent on much needed new netball kit together with brand new tracksuits.  On the right are our A and B netball teams who wore the kit for the first time to play in the Devizes Hi 5 netball league.  We are also pleased that our old netball kit will be going out to India to be used by a school there.   dsc 0385

Girls Indoor Cricket Competition - September 2014

dsc 0383 At the end of September a team of Year 6 girls took part in an indoor cricket competition in Melksham.  The girls won all their matches, winning the whole tournament, and took part in the all-stars team. 

Woodborough Wheelbarrow Competition - July 2014


Our thanks to Jackie Gray, one of our parent volunteers and her Friday afternoon gardeners who prepared this entry for Woodborough Garden Centre's annual Wheelbarrow Competition.  This year's theme was bugs and butterflies.  Ten schools took part and visitors to the garden centre were asked to vote for the winning entry which was Woodborough Primary School.

Jackie has volunteered at the school for a number of years, running our Garden Club amongst her many contributions.  As her youngest child leaves school this summer we say farewell to the Gray family and thank them for their involvement in the school.

Design a Cycle Jersey Competition - June 2014

rory england jersey design winner

Congratulations to Rory who submitted our winning design for the school.

His design has been entered in the Halfords Design a Jersey Competition which celebrates Bike to School Week.

Below are some of our other entries.

ben england jersey design hannah williams jersey design louisa geraghty jersey design lawrie williams jersey design natalie dolak jersey design back